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Patch Program

The Give Back Sack patch program encourages leadership and generosity for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts with a meaningful way to contribute to their community by sponsoring a child in need.  The Give Back Sack encourages young leaders to harness the spirit of goodwill and bring charitable intentions to life.  When it comes to paying it forward, giving back is always in season for Scouts. 


Be One of Santa's Helpers

How to Earn the Patch

Purchase The Give Back Sack Storybook and Sack Set.  Enjoy reading the storybook with your scout friends and discuss how your generosity will make a powerful impact within your community.  Decide whom you will make a donation to.  Will it be a local charity, children’s shelter, or your school district?  Many charities will tell you the gender and age of the child in need.

Be one of Santa's helpers and fill up the Give Back Sack with new toys (most charities will only take unopened items). If you have too many toys, use a box or extra bag.  Purchase gender and age specific items so the child receiving your donations will be sure to enjoy it!

Place The Give Back Sack storybook in the sack too.  When your sponsor child has outgrown their toys, they will read the storybook and continue the giving tradition of donating toys to other children.  You may want to tag your bag with the gender and age of the child you sponsored to ensure the charity will know who it should be given to.

Make the world a better place and deliver your Give Back Sack to your sponsor child.  Kindness, joy and love were all shared by you!






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