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How to Give Back

What we are thankful for is important, but what we give others to be thankful for is even more important.  Studies reveal that the positive effects of generosity include improving one's mental and physical health as well as promoting longevity.  The Give Back Sack will benefit your family in many positive ways during a time of year when many children tend to get caught up in gift getting.  The Give Back Sack is your family's next fun, meaningful and heartfelt tradition.  Enjoy!



To begin your family's next Christmas tradition, you will need your very own Give Back Sack.  You may choose to purchase a Give Back Sack identical to the one shown in the story, or create your own with a pillowcase or cardboard box.  If you have multiple children and they would like their own personal Give Back Sack, there are currently two adorable patterns to choose from for purchase...dots or chevron.  You may also choose to have your child's name added to the sack at the bottom for an even extra-special personal touch.



There are MANY ways the sack may arrive at your home.  Santa himself may leave the sack under your Christmas tree, at your front door, or hanging from your mantel.  Sometimes your family's elf may deliver your sack too.  Your new sack may arrive as a gift or simply unwrapped, along with a copy of the book, The Give Back Sack.  


Read The Give Back Sack and explain to your child that s/he too can help others in need around the world just like the characters in the story.



Walk around your house and gather up any old, outgrown, or unwanted toys.  Have your child check their bedroom, playroom, toybox and closet.  Be sure the items placed in the sack are ones your child is okay passing on to other children.  If there is a special toy or something sentimental...keep!  If it's broken and is no longer played with, add to your sack!  Items do not have to be limited to just toys.  Feel free to add clothing, shoes, hats, and hair bows too.  If your sack if full and you have more to give, place other toys next to the sack or in an additional box or bag.  Santa doesn't mind how he receives your donation.


Parents are thrilled that more room was made for new toys!



On Christmas Eve, leave your sack for Santa!  You may choose to leave your sack under your Christmas tree or next to the milk and cookies.  Sometimes your family's elf may want to take the sack back early in order to fix up the broken toys for Christmas day.  Santa will take your toys to other girls and boys around the world to play with again.


Santa will keep your sack at the North Pole until next Christmas season.  When your sack reappears next year...REPEAT!

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