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Kindness, joy and love...all shared by you!

The Give Back Sack storybook teaches children about generosity and appreciation for what they already have.  Children  get excited knowing they will help others by playing an important part of giving back to those who may be less fortunate.  Parents are thrilled to declutter their toy spaces having their children take ownership in the process.   The Give Back Sack is looking to spread kindness, joy and love all across the nation this Christmas season.
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As a mother of two young children, I dreaded adding more and more toys to our already overcrowded playroom every holiday season. Lucky for us one year, Santa sent a special sack for each of my children from the North Pole with a special request...for them to fill up their sack with unloved and unwanted toys for other kids around the world. Our children were no longer apprehensive about cleaning out their toy clutter and quickly got to work to help Santa with his Christmas mission. On Christmas Eve, we leave our sacks under the Christmas tree. When Santa arrives, he exchanges our old toys for new. Our old toys are fixed and fancied up at the North Pole for other kids around the world to love and enjoy again. Santa and his elves keep our old sack until next year, when it's time to give back again. 

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